ChatGPT and data protection in the field of AI

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ChatGPT and data protection in the field of AI In recent months, much has been said about the type of relationship that Artificial Intelligence (AI) maintains with the law, and many dissimilar opinions have emerged. On the one hand, there are those who hold the position that AI can be a basic tool for labor, […]

Regulation of games of chance in the Andorran framework

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Regulation of games of chance in the Andorran framework Games of chance have been prohibited for a long time in the Principality of Andorra. The Decree of the “Veguers” of Public Order and Residence of Foreigners, approved in 1929, established the principle of general prohibition of any activity related to gambling, luck or chance and, […]

How and why to carry out a study of the real estate market

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How and why to carry out a study of the real estate market. A market study is an analysis of information and data on properties, prices, types of potential clientele, etc. There are several reasons that can lead us to carry out this type of study. We can do it, among other, to attract more […]

The key figures of the new fiscal framework of Andorra


The key figures of the new fiscal framework of Andorra The Principality of Andorra has experienced a regulatory revolution. Its most active phase began in 2012, when started an irreversible process of providing Andorra with a complete tax framework that is compatible with the tax system of the neighboring countries. In this sense, up to […]

Andorra and NFTs: tokenizing into the future


If we look back, we can see that the way the world works is no longer the same as it was 20 years ago. Society has evolved and with it, have done those aspects that surround it. The forms of creation are a good example of how fast we have entered the digital world. NFTs […]

Andorra: in search of qualified foreign investments

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There is no doubt that openness to foreign investments, which began in Andorra in 2012, has had a highly positive evolution and today represents 18% of the country’s GDP. There are various reasons for this success, that are beyond the competitive and homologated tax system. The quality of life in the country is incomparable in […]

Approval of the increase in salaries and rents


Currently the rents issue is a “boom” issue in the Principality, and if we compare it to the salary of citizens, most wonder: How will we pay the rent? The new year begins with a minimum salary of 1,286 euros per month, with an increase of 7%, also an increase of up to 7% in […]

Andorra: Digital Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation.


Eleven years ago Andorra decided to face up to the financial crisis and international pressures, restructuring its entire legal framework and bringing it into line with Europe and the rest of the world. It was either adapt or stay behind and the choice was clear: reinvent itself from top to bottom and integrate into a […]

Andorra at the forefront of blockchain and the circular economy


The parliament has been working on it for a long time and finally two key texts for the future development of our country have arrived, both published on July 20, 2022, in the BOPA: the so-called “Digital Assets Law” and the Circular Economy Law.Regarding the Law on digital assets, it is worth saying that Andorra […]

The contracts of emphyteutic census in Pas de la Casa


Although its origins date back to Roman law, the emphyteutic establishment has become a form of exploitation of communal property in the Encamp Commune and especially in the Pas de la Casa area.The contract between the Common and the individual is called emphyteutic establishment. Thanks to it, the common puts at the disposition of the […]