Observatory of the Brand Andorra (XXVI): Ski Events On-Brand, Balance and the ‘Project 14’

"Projecte 14" focuses on promoting events that reinforce the Andorra Brand, especially in snow and mountain sports, and suggests establishing a Brand Andorra Office to internationally project these values.[...]

Entrepreneurs earning less than 150,000 euros will not have to file their accounts until 2025

Wage increases for 2024

On December 20, 2023, at the proposal of the Minister of Presidency, Economy, Labor, and Housing, Conxita Marsol, the government approved Decree 577/2023, dated December 20, 2023, establishing the minimum wage and interprofessional rates for the year 2024.[...]

Observatory of the Andorra Brand (XXIV): Europe, the education of our youth, and the influence of streamers

Focus on culture in Andorra

Measures to Limit the Increase in Rent Prices for Regular Residential Housing in Andorra

Observatory of Brand Andorra (XXII): EU Networks and the “Vienna” solution to the housing problem

Taxation in Andorra: international balance 2023 and new developments 2024

Andorra Brand Observatory (XXI): ‘Invest With Andorra’, the essence of the attitude towards Europe!

The article in "El Periòdic d'Andorra" outlines the development of the "Invest With Andorra" initiative since its 2012 launch.[...]

Observatory of the Andorra Brand (XX): Association Agreement with the EU and Economic Diversification.

The article from the Andorra Brand Observatory, authored by Pere Augé, a lawyer and promoter of the Andorra Brand, delves into the challenges and opportunities facing Andorra in the context of economic diversification and its relationship with the European Union.[...]

Andorra Brand Observatory (XIX): What Can Europe Mean for the Youth of Andorra?

Lawyer Pere Augé's article discusses the importance of informing the youth of Andorra about the opportunities presented by the association with the European Union.[...]

Revision of the contribution bases: CASS campaign