Extension of the Deadline and Declaration of Data on the Wage Gap

The government has agreed to extend the deadline until the end of the year for companies to comply with the obligation to enter data in the Register on the wage gap between men and women.[...]

The Decree 113/2024, of March 20, 2024, which approves the regulation for the transition and opening of the “.ad” domain name registry

The exponential evolution of the digital world and e-commerce has required a progressive update of the ".ad" domain name registration procedure. In this context, the registration of domain names currently constitutes a fundamental piece in the construction and protection of the online identity of businesses, organizations, and individuals.[...]

Double Taxation Agreements

Taxation in Andorra has undergone a profound transformation process, initiated in 2012 with the liberalization of foreign investments and the approval of unprecedented tax regulations. This process began its consolidation in 2015 with the entry into force of the Andorran Personal Income Tax Law (IRPF). [...]

Andorra and the new Law on the native and official language

On May 29, 2024, a new law was published in the BOPA, which we could consider epic as it clearly and concisely requires a minimum level of Catalan, the official language of the Principality, as indicated in Article 2.1 of the Constitution, for residents and nationals of the Principality: Law[...]

Observatory of the Andorra Brand (XXXIV): Diplomacy, Strategy, and Digital Geopolitics

The article by Pere Augé analyzes Andorra's failure to host the 2029 and 2031 Ski World Cup, highlighting the need to learn from this setback for future bids. It also mentions the government's campaign to educate the population about the association agreement with the EU, which can open new opportunities. Augé[...]

Audit of Accounts, a New Reality from 2025

The activity of auditing accounts is essential for the modernity and security of any economic and financial system, as it provides legal security and transparency to companies' accounting information. On May 27, 2024, the General Council approved the new Audit Law, legislation that promises to strengthen our country's economy by[...]

Observatory of Marca Andorra (XXXIII): Foreign Investment and Freedom of Establishment

Pere Augé's article discusses two key issues in Andorra's current legislature: the housing problem and the association agreement with the EU. He argues that the government's measures to limit foreign investment, aimed at addressing the housing problem, contradict the association agreement that allows freedom of establishment for European companies. Augé[...]

The “Internationalization” of the .ad domain name

The position of AUGÉ LEGAL FISCAL in the .ad domain name registration scene and its intent for presence is anything but coincidental. The business and economic attractiveness of the Principality has led to an exponential evolution in e-commerce and the digital economy. The digital realm encompasses everything related to digital technologies[...]

Observatory of Marca Andorra (XXXII): Recognition of Marca Andorra at the CEA Awards 2024

The CEA Awards, held biennially since 2016, recognize the merits of Andorran entrepreneurs in areas such as sustainability and international projection. This year, Grandvalira was awarded for its contribution to Andorra's visibility. The Marca Andorra Project was born in 2011 to improve the country's international image and self-esteem during the[...]

Andorra Brand Observatory (XXXI): The cooperative as an effective solution to the housing problem

Pere Augé highlights Andorra's unique opportunity to implement a cooperative model in the housing sector, taking advantage of the new regulations allowed by its association with the European Union.[...]

Observatory of the Andorra Brand (XXX): Sustainable growth, housing, and Constitution

Pere Augé discusses a new law project in Andorra aimed at promoting sustainable growth and ensuring the right to decent housing, aligned with Articles 31, 33, and 27 of the Andorran Constitution. This project seeks to rationalize the use of natural resources and guarantee both property rights and the dignity[...]

A global and international IP Strategy

AUGE LEGAL & FISCAL has a strong and consolidated position of leader in trademark prosecution within the Principality of Andorra. The firm has filed, and currently manages, more than 50% of all registered Andorran trademarks and we are proud of the professional relationship developed with other top notch international firms[...]