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Welcome to Augé Real Estate, a leading real estate advisory firm in the Principality of Andorra

At Augé Real Estate, a subsidiary of the Augé Holding Group, we offer exceptional support to our clients, providing them with the best opportunities in the Andorran real estate market, all through comprehensive 360-degree advice and collaboration with the most prestigious real estate companies and developers in the country.

We are aware of the significance of a real estate transaction and the emotional component it entails, which is why we provide our clients with the best real estate guidance, delivered by our expert real estate agents, exceptional guides in the complex Andorran market.

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Augé Real Estate is an independent real estate consultancy

This allows us to offer the best advice to our clients without being influenced by property owners, developers, or real estate intermediaries. Therefore, Augé Real Estate supports and advises its clients without competing with or intervening in the operations of other real estate agencies in the country, but rather collaborates closely with them. This differentiating factor enables Augé Real Estate to offer its clients nearly all of the country’s properties and real estate projects, complemented by the most ingenious technical solutions provided by our highly qualified legal, fiscal, economic, and financial professionals in the group.

Our Services

Rendimiento Arrendatario

Assistance in the Real Estate Search Process

Guidance throughout the process of finding the most suitable real estate product for our clients, whether it be within our exclusive portfolio of properties or through the best real estate agencies and developers in the country.


Accompaniment during Property Visits and Technical Meetings

Aimed at obtaining all the essential information so that our clients can make the most informed decision regarding the acquisition of a property or investment in a project (architects, builders, project managers, representatives of public agencies).

Ahg Areas De Practica Re

Identification, Analysis, Development, and Management of the Best Real Estate Projects in the Country

Chalets, villas, residential complexes of single-family homes, multifamily buildings, industrial buildings, shopping centers, service buildings, corporate buildings, hotels, sports facilities, educational, cultural, health and wellness facilities, as well as business centers, coworking spaces, and shared residences.


Advice, Guidance, and Possibly Preparation of Comprehensive Reports

Through the most appropriate professionals at any given time, allowing our clients to make the best decision in terms of value, viability, profitability, and security for their investment.

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Advice for Potential Financing in Acquisition

Advice for potential financing in the acquisition of real estate properties and assistance in negotiating bank loans on the best terms available in the market.

Auge Blog Mercado Inmobiliario

Comprehensive Renovation Projects for All Types of Real Estate Properties

From economic feasibility to legal, financial, and architectural technical support, as well as interior design.

Ahg Areas De Practica Legal

Legal and Fiscal Advice

Legal and fiscal advice, as well as documentary supervision throughout the acquisition or investment process in the chosen real estate property.

Ahg Areas De Practica Societario

Conflict Resolution

Arising from negotiation, management, or execution of real estate transactions.

Blog Estudio De Mercado Inmobiliario

Comprehensive Management and 360-Degree Advisory

Comprehensive management and 360-degree advisory for heritage and investment projects.

Real Estate News