International Desk

The International Desk of Augé Legal & Fiscal is composed of a multiplicity of professionals from different fields of specialization and from a great variety of geographical origins, which gives our team an international holistic knowledge at a cultural and normative level, allowing at the same time, the dialogue with our client in more than seven different languages.

Our International Desk carries out all the functions of hosting international clients, as well as promoting our group globally, through its presence in forums, conferences and congresses.

Spanish Desk

Our Spanish Desk is made up of a team of lawyers from different areas of specialisation, most of whom are of Spanish nationality and have perfect knowledge of Spanish legislation and case-law.

We advise Spanish companies and offer tax planning for corporate restructuring operations, with special attention to cross-border mergers and acquisitions. We also advise and plan in the area of indirect taxation and customs, as well as local taxes.

Contact: Claudia Alonso.

French Desk

Our French Desk is composed of lawyers with knowledge of the French legal culture, focusing on different areas of specialisation. We advise French-speaking clients in order to be able to implement their Andorran projects with a markedly personalised service.

Contact: Pau Augé.

Russian Desk

We are the law firm of reference for Russian investors thanks to our excellent team of native professionals and due to the fact that we are perfect connoisseurs of the Russian business and cultural environment.

Furthermore, given the significant Russian community in Andorra, we have our own real estate agency called AUGÉ REAL ESTATE which offers the best real estate advice to our clients.

Contact: Renata Kutergina.

Latam Desk

Our team of professionals has extensive experience in advising Latin American clients. In addition, our country is especially committed to the Ibero-American community and proof of this is its status as the organiser chosen to host the Ibero-American Summit in 2020.

Our deep knowledge of Latin American culture allows us to anticipate swiftly and efficiently all those issues that may be of interest to our clients in order to provide them with legal and tax advice tailored to their needs.

Contact: Marcos Sutil.

US/Canadian Desk

Our US/Canadian Desk is comprised of a group of native attorneys with extensive experience in international transactions with the United States and Canada and is familiar with the North American business market.

We also help to define the most suitable strategies for those North American companies interested in investing in Andorra as a centre of reference in Europe.

Contact: Jonathan Hinkson.

Middle East Desk

Our team of professionals has extensive business, legal and cultural knowledge in the Middle East, given their experience in cross-border investments between Middle Eastern countries and the European market. Our lawyers assist our foreign clients by establishing Andorra as a centre of reference for investments into Europe due to its strategic location as a result of its proximity to Spain and France.

Contact: Fatiha El Atique.