Why choose Andorra?

Andorra is today one of the most competitive jurisdictions in Europe.

Located between Spain and France, in an incomparable natural environment and with one of the lowest crime rates in the world, its citizens enjoy a very high quality of life and a competitive tax system, as a result of a complete process of international harmonisation and a firm commitment to transparency and international cooperation, thus following the standards required by both the European Union and the OECD.

Andorra, a unique country that has made equilibrium its raison d’être, has enjoyed eight centuries of peace, without war, without the need for an army and with one of the oldest uninterrupted democracies in the world. Andorra has a conscious and sustainable economy, which is both smart and efficient, and carries the country’s mountainous terrain within its DNA, making it sensitive to the preservation of the environment while at the same time being up to date with the most important technological advances. Andorra is a considerate country, where common sense prevails and where the people have a clearly inclusive spirit. Only in Andorra can you live with a perfect harmony between body, mind and soul and enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle, which is inspiring and welcoming to those who visit, whether as tourists or new residents.