Copyright management

The notion of a “work” protected by copyright means any literary or artistic work as defined by Articles 2.1 or 3.1 of the Copyright Act.

Copyright is protected during the author’s lifetime and for seventy years after his/her death (art. 18 of the Copyright Act).

Augé Legal&Fiscal offers the following services to its clients, both natural and legal persons

  • Advisory services – Copyright management

    Advisory services

    – Strategy and coordination on copyright protection.
    – Proceedings before the “Sociedad de Gestión Colectiva de Derechos de Autor y Derechos Vecinos del Principado de Andorra”.
    – Valorization of copyrights.

  • Litigation – Copyright management


    – Customs withholdings.
    – Legal action for copyright infringement .
    – Alternative means of dispute resolution: arbitration / mediation.

See example

A company operating in the European Union holds copyright on one of its products. It can create an Andorran company devoted to the management of this intangible right with a taxation of 2% on the global “royalties” received by the said Andorran company.