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Andorran nationality

Many clients ask us a first question, which is understandable given the ease to obtain the nationality of several European countries. It is important to bear in mind that obtaining the Andorran residency does not imply obtaining the Andorran nationality. That is to say that the residency permits to works for oneself do not immediately grant and Andorran passport.

Obtaining the Andorran nationality is a long and complex process, which implies the renunciation of the current nationalities of the applicant within the 5 years that follow the grant of the Andorran nationality, and it also requires fulfilling several conditions set out below.

One must know that at the moment of the application seeking the Andorran nationality, it is fundamental to be a legal and effective resident in Andorra.

When the applicant fulfils the conditions set out by the Andorran law on foreigners (locally known Under the name of immigration law and law on nationality), the latter must pass an exam of Catalan language, Andorran history and geography. A partial passport will be granted. The applicant then has 5 years to renounce his other passport(s). The dual nationality is therefore not possible.

Adults who meet one of the following criteria can apply for Andorran nationality under the following conditions:

  • Anyone born abroad, who has lived in Andorra for 15 years and who has an Andorran grandparent.
  • Anyone who, after 3 years of residence in Andorra, marries an Andorran (having lived in Andorra 3 years before or after the celebration of the marriage).
  • Anyone who certifies having lived for 20 years without interruption in Andorra.
  • Anyone who attests to 10 years of residence in Andorra and who has completed compulsory education in the Andorran territory (from 6 to 16 years old).


These conditions are known as derived mechanisms for acquiring nationality.

However, minors have the right to apply for the Andorran passport when:

  • The minor was born in Andorra and one of his parents is Andorran.
  • The minor was born abroad, but one of his parents is Andorran, born in Andorra.
  • A minor under 14 years of age adopted by an Andorran national or a foreigner residing in Andorra (having resided 10 years in the Principality, otherwise the minor will obtain a temporary passport).
  • A minor born in Andorra and one of his parents also born in Andorra, who is resident but does not have Andorran nationality.
  • A minor born in Andorra to foreign parents and residents of Andorra (having lived with one of the parents for at least 10 years in the Principality, otherwise the minor will obtain a temporary passport).
  • In the case where the minor was born accidentally abroad, and fulfills the conditions described above, he therefore has the right to nationality. The request must be submitted during the child’s first year of life.


These conditions are known as original nationality acquisition mechanisms.

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