Employment Law

In the Principality of Andorra, employment relations are regulated by the Employment Relations Act of 6 December 2018.
Augé Legal&Fiscal guides the client in all the legislative provisions to be considered by the employer with respect to its employees, notable among which are the formal obligations to be fulfilled and the inalienable rights that must be respected.


Our professional team’s experience and specialization allows us to give excellent advice that is perfectly adapted to the ups and downs of each situation and business structure.

Employment Contracts

We prepare, advise and review all types of employment contracts taking into account the particularities of the employment relationship between the worker and the employer. We provide this service with the guarantee and supervision of lawyers who are fully versed in all the contractual formats existing in our territory.

In addition, we actively monitor contractual terms and conditions in order to keep the client informed of all matters that require special attention through the participation of our subsidiary Augé Accountants, thereby preventing possible breaches or irregularities from arising.

We have extensive experience in the drafting of employment contracts by including those clauses that are relevant to describe the employment relationship with the utmost accuracy in order to ensure the strictest regulatory compliance.

Employment Litigation

There are many cases in which disputes and controversies occur between employer and worker. Accordingly, our litigators are specialised in the processing of employment conflicts.

Our knowledge of the recently updated regulations on individual employment law allows us to advise the employers with which we work so as to guarantee that no litigation cases arise with their workers, by ensuring the safeguarding of their rights and advocating dialogue and settlements in cases of conflict.

We have extensive experience before the courts of the Principality of Andorra with regard to the defence of employers and workers affected by breaches of current employment regulations.