Civil Law

Augé Legal&Fiscal’s legal team has extensive experience in drafting, reviewing and supervising all types of contracts covered by civil law, with this being the broadest discipline in law and one in which we have the greatest knowledge of the doctrine.
Regarding civil conflicts, with a clear transactional commitment, our team always advocates attempting out-of-court agreements before entering an irremediable judicial process.


In this sense, the litigators at our firm have great experience in the resolution of civil disputes linked to any of the civil law disciplines, ranging from personal law, obligations and contracts, through to rights in rem, family law and inheritance law.

Civil Contracts

Bearing in mind that Civil Law covers the widest spectrum of the legal discipline, our firm advises in the drafting and review of all the civil contract types that exist under our legal system. From bilateral contracts, to unilateral contracts, through to common irrevocable legal transactions such as donations, to the quid pro quo contract par excellence: the purchase and sale contract.

We assist our clients in the negotiation and drafting of separation and divorce agreements, we draw up, for example, loan or credit set-off contracts and we can offer our clients the drafting of wills, codicils, debt assumption contracts, surety or guarantee contracts, lease agreements, deposit agreements and even easement agreements.

Our team is also in charge of amending contracts through objective, subjective and temporary novations to those contracts in which our clients wish to modify some of the essential elements. On the other hand, we have extensive experience in drafting penalty clauses, confidentiality clauses, non-compete clauses, consumer protection clauses, as well as conditions precedent and subsequent and contract termination clauses.

In addition to drafting, our legal professionals are also responsible for reviewing and correcting contracts, and are able to adapt them to the current law and to the client’s interests.

Civil Litigation and Out-of-Court Conflict Resolution

If anything defines our team, it is its undeniable transactional commitment. For this reason, the firm will always be committed to approaching any conflict with a clear conciliatory intention, in order to reach an out-of-court settlement signed by its clients. However, it is clear that a considerable number of negotiations are cut short and irremediably reach the courts. Therefore, our lawyers know in detail the content of the legislation, doctrine and civil case-law of the Principality of Andorra with the clear intention of providing clients with a high level defence.

We are backed by our extensive experience, since the company’s CEO and founder has practiced and defended cases of the most wide-ranging nature for 31 years, progressively transferring his knowledge and advice concerning litigation to his delegated team of professionals. From conflicts relating to tort law to litigious divorce proceedings. From conflicts relating to tort law to litigious divorce proceedings. From inheritance disputes to breach of a contractual obligation involving restitution or compensation for damages. Our firm has led countless judicial processes in the civil law field since its foundation, which makes us the best option to defend your interests out of court and in the courts.