The particularities of the Andorran banking system and the strict money laundering prevention requirements in our country have led our firm to specialise in the field of regulatory compliance
in order to give qualified advice to clients both in matters as common as the opening of a bank account and in the defense of their interests before the competent jurisdiction in cases of abuse by financial institutions.

Regulatory Compliance

Our firm advises companies in processes intended to strengthen their structures to ensure effective compliance with legally established standards. For this reason, the compliance professionals at Augé Legal&Fiscal have up-to-date knowledge of money laundering prevention regulations and collaborate with the public bodies that supervise the regulatory compliance of companies located in the Principality of Andorra.

In addition, in order to provide an excellent service to our clients, the firm has an excellent collaboration relationship with all of the Principality’s banking institutions, which are, in turn, the main guarantors of regulatory compliance as regards transactions carried out in our territory.

Banking Litigation

Although we have excellent relationships with the country’s banking institutions, it cannot be denied that there are examples of certain isolated cases of financial practices that seriously harm the population and are, to all intents and purposes, reprehensible.

For this reason, our team of lawyers has specialised in the new banking standards and operating requirements, supervised by the AFA (the country’s financial regulator), and is able to offer an impressive knowledge of the technical communiqués with which all institutions must comply, as well as the content of the case-law of the country’s highest authorities as regards abuses that harm an institution’s clients.

We are backed by multiple successful rulings in judicial proceedings to demand the enforcement of our clients’ interests, as well as the signing of out-of-court settlements that have prevented certain cases from reaching the courts.