Alternative Dispute Resolution

In recent years, alternative methods of conflict resolution have gained enormous prominence.
The fact that it is understood that, beyond the problems and conflicts that can potentially be resolved in the courts, there are people with interests that are not always irreconcilable, has led to the disciplines of alternative conflict resolution taking on an increasingly relevant role in our society.


The country’s adoption of laws such as the Arbitration Act (47/2014) and the Mediation Act (3/2018) show the greater awareness of this branch of activity. Augé Legal&Fiscal has opted to offer this service to its clients in order to offer a more comprehensive conflict resolution service.


Based on the unwavering commitment to safeguard people from conflicts, settlements are the “softest”of the alternative conflict resolution methods. Accordingly, despite its similarities to mediation, our professionals are highly trained in devising solutions intended to reconcile the desires of people who may suffer a disagreement that could otherwise be resolved in a court, but in which the costs of such a procedure economically, and in terms of time invested and emotionally, could be unfeasible or exhausting for our client.


Our firm offers advice as a third party in legal conflicts by mediating in negotiations between the parties. The basic premise of our work is to oversee the interests of the parties with the ultimate aim of arriving at a mutually acceptable solution in legal terms. The central axis of this service is based on improving relations through a process in which the participants can voluntarily entrust their claims to us.


Our professionals are fully qualified to advise and represent the interests of our clients before an Arbitral Tribunal. The inauguration of the new Headquarters of Justice of the Principality of Andorra will mark a turning point in terms of alternative dispute resolution since it will enable arbitration courts to serve citizens who submit to their jurisdiction.