Administrative Law

In the area of public law, Augé Legal&Fiscal offers advisory and litigation services. These services are provided to both private clients and public sector entities, in the various areas of greatest importance in our country.

We assist our clients with regard to contracts with the administration, and we also advise certain public actors in Andorra on the drafting of legislation.


The real estate and investment vocation of the group’s founder has led the firm to specialise in Andorran urban planning law, as well as to defend its clients in legal cases that have resulted from disciplinary proceedings or administrative resolutions.

Public Procurement

The firm advises both private companies and the public sector in the preparation and awarding of contracts. We also offer our vision and knowledge in the supervision of legislative texts governing entities in the Principality of Andorra, such as professional associations. Obviously, we advise our client in the preparation procedure for the procurement and execution of public contracts.

Urban Planning Law

Augé Legal&Fiscal offers counsel to companies that require assistance with urban management, planning and execution. The advice is multidisciplinary as it involves elements of real estate, tax, administrative and even environmental law.

Accordingly, our group has advised on the urban development of various projects in the Principality of Andorra, and is currently assisting in the planning of a high-class real estate action plan in cooperation with the country’s government. For this reason, we can draw up urban planning agreements, process urban planning authorisations and licences and successfully implement real estate projects.

Contentious-Administrative Law

Any natural or legal person with a link to the public administration of Andorra may at some point in time be subject to an inspection procedure, an expulsion order or a refusal to renew a residence permit.

Any person with real estate ownership may be subjected to fines by administrative bodies due to immissions, complaints or alleged breaches of urban planning regulations. There are many different cases in which the public administration can intervene and issue resolutions placing conditions on both individuals and corporations.

For this reason, our firm’s team of lawyers undertakes the defence in both administrative proceedings and in judicial proceedings if the litigation is not resolved in previous instances. In this sense, and despite the difficulty in reversing the administration’s decisions in administrative proceedings, we ensure the reduction of fines or any other implications thereof, in order to avoid judicial proceedings and also to be able to reverse the client’s situation more swiftly.