Trademark Registration

A registered trademark is an asset of prime importance to any company because it allows it to create a lasting relationship with its customers and distinguish itself from its competitors.
The 8 million tourists who visit Andorra every year are a factor that fully justifies the effort made to protect your trademark in the Principality.


Augé Legal&Fiscal’s specialists offer the following services in the field of trademarks: The process to register a trademark in Andorra takes only a few days (there is no opposition procedure) and confers on its owner a ten-year monopoly, renewable indefinitely.


The Andorran trademark requires a specific registration as the territory is not covered by an EU trademark and cannot be designated through an international application.

Los especialistas de Augé Legal&Fiscal ofrecen los siguientes servicios en el ámbito de las marcas

  • Advisory services – Trademark Registration

    Advisory services

    – Strategy and coordination on trademark applications in Andorra or abroad.
    – Trademark registration inquiries before applying for an Andorran trademark or inquiries about competitors (“moni).
    – Valorisation of trademark rights.

  • Trademark applications and registrations

    Trademark applications and registrations

    – Application for an Andorran trademark.
    – Assignment, licensing of trademarks.
    – Creation of a pledge on a trademark.

  • Litigation – Trademark Registration


    – Customs withholdings.
    – Legal action due to trademark infringement or trademark annulment.
    – Alternative means of dispute resolution: arbitration / mediation.

See example

An Andorran trademark, regarded to be an element of an undertaking’s assets, may be subject to a pledge to create a guarantee for an Andorran bank that is providing a loan to the undertaking owning the said Andorran trademark.