Andorra, a country whose prosperity depends largely on the people who visit it throughout the year, is conditioned by the attractiveness it is able to deploy. There is no doubt about the positive effect of a reputation built with great effort and sacrifice over decades, and which positions it as one of the preferred destinations for local tourism, but we are all aware that, despite the uniqueness of the offer, it must have a sufficiently effective visibility to continue to maintain, and if possible improve, the figures of economic impact of tourists and visitors attracted by the goodness and excellence of our country.

There are several means that the Government employs, especially through the actions and means of Andorra Turisme, which in addition to an effective and successful website, participates in various events such as FITUR held in Madrid and that rightly focuses on promoting tourism from the multiplicity of countries that congregate.

Madrid is the direct recipient but there are many indirect ones, as the star attraction of this year: the direct flight Madrid-Andorra/La Seu d’Urgell, operational from December 17, 2021 and that should revolutionize the connectivity of Andorra with the world, as it should also allow us to link with international flights that have the capital of Spain as a reference. Other connections with European airports will follow, confirming the progressive “isolation” of Andorra and the potential access to an increasingly distant tourism, which must be reached with a new and much more global communication strategy.

In fact, and in spite of the limitations of COVID-19, which always generate uncertainty, Andorra will take advantage of FITUR to highlight the snow offer and summer activities, as well as the different events that will take place in the coming months, such as the events included in the Andorra Multisport Festival, which kicked off on February 3 with the Winter Triathlon and Duathlon World Championships. In the cultural field, it is worth mentioning the Andorra Mountain Music that takes place during the months of February and March and the new Cirque du Soleil show, entitled MŪV that will be held during the month of July.

Beyond events of all kinds and a very wide offer both in winter and summer, visiting Andorra is always attractive and becomes a surprise for those who do not know it yet and who discover all the virtues of a country that invites you to be at peace with yourself and your environment. Any of the 365 days of the year is good to get into the reality of a country that has the bluest sky and the purest air. I can understand very well that more and more people choose Andorra to live and develop their business or professional life or patrimonial and family life. Beyond the moderate tax burden, which also helps, it is the quality of life and the security that we enjoy in this country that adds the most value to the decision of so many people who see in Andorra an opportunity to rebuild their lives.

This is the most valuable differential feature of this great little country: to be able to attract you to visit it and, as if by magic, make you fall in love with it to the point of turning it into a new life objective. In fact, what allows this magical effect is to transcend the tourist curiosity and discover a universe of virtue and quality that can make you rethink where you and your family want to live for the rest of your life.

Andorra is a permanent surprise during the 365 days of the year and this asset that more and more people know is reshaping the composition of an increasingly diverse and qualified citizenry that will help us build a reputation as a country that will allow us to compete in an increasingly global world.

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