How and why to carry out a study of the real estate market

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How and why to carry out a study of the real estate market. A market study is an analysis of information and data on properties, prices, types of potential clientele, etc. There are several reasons that can lead us to carry out this type of study. We can do it, among other, to attract more […]

Approval of the increase in salaries and rents


Currently the rents issue is a “boom” issue in the Principality, and if we compare it to the salary of citizens, most wonder: How will we pay the rent? The new year begins with a minimum salary of 1,286 euros per month, with an increase of 7%, also an increase of up to 7% in […]

The contracts of emphyteutic census in Pas de la Casa


Although its origins date back to Roman law, the emphyteutic establishment has become a form of exploitation of communal property in the Encamp Commune and especially in the Pas de la Casa area. The contract between the Common and the individual is called emphyteutic establishment. Thanks to it, the common puts at the disposition of […]

Sustainable housing and its characteristics


Sustainable housing must be a reality if we want to build a more ecological, balanced, habitable and environmentally friendly world. This requires profound changes in the way we build. According to updated statistics from the United Nations, homes consume close to a third of the world’s energy and are therefore responsible for a large part […]

Do you know the Principality of Andorra? What are the advantages of living in Andorra?


12 curiosities about the Principality Andorra is a unique country located in the Pyrenees between France and Spain. Its territory is divided in seven Parishes, spread over 468 square kilometers, and has 77.000 inhabitants. Andorra la Vella is the capital, being the highest in Europe. Specially known for its competitive taxes, Andorra offers an incomparable […]