Andorra today is one of Europe’s best kept secrets. Small in size but huge in opportunities of developing new life, business or investment projects. A country with a long history that reinvented itself to turn into one of the most competitive countries in the world, not just due to its attractive economic and fiscal framework but also for its natural surroundings, its strategic location and its decisive wager for education, health and welfare, innovation, energy efficiency and new technologies.


Traditionally known for leisure and shopping tourism, Andorra has made a great effort to adapt itself to the new times by reinforcing its strategy and offer and by consolidating the annual number of visitors of over 8 million people.


Moreover, Andorra, with its admirable competitive and overcoming spirit has decisively opted for economic diversification, thus standardising its legal framework and liberalising foreign investments to 100% in all the sectors with special dedication, promotion and impulse to the key areas such as education, new technologies, health, wellness and sport, among others. All of these were driven by the public initiative “ACTUA“.

Andorra is proud to count on a quite active private initiative, especially through the entrepreneur associations like CCIS (CCIS), the Andorran Family Company (EFA) and the Andorran Business Confederation (CEA). All of these three cover the double mission of rendering services to businessmen as well as defending their interests in front of the applicable authorities, up to promoting modifications in legislation when necessary. CEA, on its hand, being clearly committed to the international promotion of Andorra, has created a promotional document Invest with Andorra (IWAND), and keeps on pushing endless initiatives towards introducing Andorra to the world.


The recent changes in the fiscal and immigration framework and the new model of economic openness proven by the OECD in general conclude the process of accomplishment of the required conditions that will convert Andorra in an important international business centre in the near future.

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