Registration of Patents

The new legal framework regarding the Andorran patent is part of the process of Andorra’s economic liberalisation and international harmonisation. This new tool available to innovative companies makes it possible to protect our clients’ inventions within the Principality, whether natural or legal persons, in any field of industry.
To keep a patent in force the holder must pay annuities to the patent office. In the case of the Andorran patent, these annuities entail much lower costs than in most countries, which represents an incentive for innovative companies to protect their inventions.


Additionally, Augé Legal&Fiscal offers complementary translation services (Catalan, Spanish, French, English, Russian, Portuguese, Italian and German).

Augé Legal&Fiscal offers the following patent services

  • Advisory services – Registration of Patents

    Advisory services

    – Strategy and coordination on patent applications in Andorra and abroad.
    – Valorization of patent rights (“Patent Box”).
    – Trademark registration queries (“monitoring” of competitors).

  • Application and registrations with the patents registry

    Application and registrations with the patents registry

    – Andorran patent application (in French, English, Catalan or Spanish, with a translation of the claims into Catalan).
    – Assignment, patent licensing and technology transfer.
    – Creation of a pledge on a patent.
    – Limitation of the scope of protection of an Andorran patent.

  • Litigation – Registration of Patents


    – Declaration of non-infringement.
    – Customs withholdings.
    – Legal action due to patent infringement or patent annulment.
    – Alternative means of dispute resolution: arbitration / mediation / settlement.

See example

A machine patented in France and Spain could be freely imported and sold/marketed in Andorra, as long as the machine is not protected by an Andorran patent.