Observatory of Brand Andorra (XXII): EU Networks and the “Vienna” solution to the housing problem

The article written by Pere Augé, lawyer and promoter of Brand Andorra, discusses the housing market situation in Andorra and how integration with the European Union could provide solutions. Augé mentions the recently signed Association Agreement with the EU, which is still pending a binding referendum. He highlights current issues such as the loss of purchasing power and the challenge of finding affordable housing, which have led to protests and the enactment of Law 24/2023 to stabilize the rental housing market.

Augé reflects on the need for harmonious collaboration in foreign investment and the importance of learning from other European experiences in social housing. He cites the city of Vienna as a successful example of social housing management and suggests that Andorra could benefit from participating in networks such as Eurocities, which share effective urban management practices. The author emphasizes that addressing the housing challenge should not be a solitary effort but should be approached with a broader and cooperative perspective, especially now that Andorra is closer to integrating into the European single market. Augé concludes that collaboration with Europe could bring creative solutions to the housing problem and be beneficial for Andorra.