Liberal professions

Liberal professions

Liberal professions are accredited by a university degree, or other legally recognized by a competent authority, for the practice of a profession in a sector of specialty (law, health, economics, engineering, architecture, etc …).

To obtain the authorization to practice a liberal profession, the following requirements must be performed:

  • be in possession of the Andorran nationality or prove effective and permanent residence in the Principality of Andorra
  • hold an official academic degree

However, in the case of new residents, the administrative procedures for obtaining the residency can be carried out in parallel in order to acquire the residency “for one’s own account” (“Residència per compte propi”), without having to deposit €15,000 with the Andorran Financial Authority.

In the case of collegial professions, a registration must be done at the Association of reference, which will be confirmed pursuant to the authorization obtained and compliance with the requirements of each Association, according to its articles of association.

This authorization that is granted is essential to carry out the professional practice in the Andorran territory.

Among the documents that accompany the application, must be highlighted the following:

  • Copy of passport / identity card
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Report from the corresponding official College/Association
  • Title to be recognized (original or duly authenticated photocopy legalized with The Hague Apostille or through diplomatic channels)
  • Certificate of grades of the degree to be recognized (original or photocopy duly legalized with the Hague Apostille or through diplomatic channels)
  • Sworn translation into Catalan of the documents that are not written in Catalan, Spanish or French.

The legislation that regulates this issue is Law 5/2019, of January 31, that amends Law 6/2008, of May15, for the exercise of liberal professions and colleges and professional associations, in line with the following normative texts:

  • Legislative Decree of 26-02-2014 publishing the revised text of Law 6/2008, of May 15, on the exercise of liberal professions and colleges and professional associations (BOPA No. 19 5-03-2014)
  • Decree of 13-08-2014 approving the Regulation for the Register of Qualified Professionals, Colleges and Professional Associations (BOPA No. 49 – 20.8.2014)
  • Decree of 28-05-2014 approving the Regulations regulating the administrative procedure regarding the disciplinary regime for the exercise of liberal professions (BOPA No. 33 – 4.6.2014)
  • Decree of 26-02-2014 approving the Regulations for the recognition of qualifications and the validation of periods of higher education (BOPA No. 19 – 5.3.2014).

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