Criminal Law

Augé Legal&Fiscal has a solid team of criminal lawyers specialising in criminal defence and corporate legal defence.

The many proceedings that we have pursued before the criminal courts of the Principality of Andorra give us a broad view of all the case-law elements that are taken into account in the Batlles and Magistrates Courts when it comes to handing down a ruling.

We are backed by successes in criminal proceedings of all kinds before the highest instances of the Principality.

Criminal Litigation

While it is true that our firm does not have a special interest in the defence of violent crimes, crimes against public health, crimes against physical or moral integrity, crimes against honour and many others, our social conscience does lead us to provide counsel in many criminal proceedings in order to safeguard the rights of those most affected by harsh situations due to being victims of alleged criminal acts.

Evidently, and based on the principle of minimum intervention in criminal law and the presumption of innocence, our team of lawyers defends all those cases in which they are firmly convinced that the client has been accused of acts that cannot be given a criminal classification.

Criminal-Economic Law

We undertake the legal defence of companies and their directors, representatives or employees at any stage of the criminal process. Augé Legal&Fiscal fights for the defence of the interests of its corporate clients by establishing processes that rely on the support of our economic team in order to protect or detect unfair conduct or conduct that is contrary to the corporate purpose or the legislation in force.

In this sense, our firm works to re-establish companies’ order of priority of assets by means of a comprehensive defence in the area of the recovery of assets or the reclassification of those that may have been modified due to criminal acts.