In a world in which technological advances evolve much faster than people’s mentality and undoubtedly faster than the legislation, we must find the right balance within the established legal framework to accommodate innovation projects that complement the way in which many of the processes that form part of our daily lives operate.

Blockchain is based on many different disciplines that involve the encryption of information to guarantee countless processes that have been traditionally deprived of this level of security.

Augé as partner and advisor in this matter

Augé Legal&Fiscal has been involved, through its relations with international investors and entrepreneurs, in the most recent regulatory manoeuvrings both in the field of “easy hubs”and potential “serious hubs” (which Andorra aspires to become).

By means of a draft law promoted in the Parliament of the Principality of Andorra, the aim is to turn the country into a benchmark for attracting international investment that may provide consistency and transparency to those businesses that are unknown to the vast majority of people. Specifically, the world of cryptocurrencies and its regulatory trends were the subject of an important conference held in the country, sponsored by our group, with the intention of determining where we stand with respect to this technology and to define the short-term goal of attracting transparent and value-added businesses.

For this reason, if you wish to establish your business in the Blockchain or cryptomoney sector in the Principality, Augé Legal&Fiscal is the best partner and advisor in this matter as regards mercantile implementation, tax implications and knowledge of the institutional situation.