Marca Andorra Observatory: “Atypical Experiences”

The article discusses efforts have been made by the government and tourism industry to boost the economy through tourism and commerce. The tourism sector is highlighted as a major economic driver, with indicators showing consistent growth in number of visitors. The collaborative efforts of the government, tourism sector, and private businesses are commended in promoting tourism and revitalizing the economy. The merger of the Tourism and Commerce Ministries is seen as a positive step, and the creation of various initiatives and campaigns, such as “Atypical,” have been effective in attracting visitors.

Despite the positive outlook for tourism, the text acknowledges challenges faced by the commerce sector, which has been struggling even before the recent inflation crisis. The Ministry of Tourism and Commerce, along with traders’ associations, are advised to focus on adapting to the digital world and enhancing the shopping experience for long-term success. The Marca Andorra Observatory emphasizes the importance of successful commercial activity for a prosperous Andorran economy. The text concludes with the observatory’s commitment to monitoring the evolution of current strategies and supporting practical, lasting changes in the economy.