Andorra: the differential solution in post-covid era

Andorra: the differential solution in post-covid era

As we are still immersed in a virulent third wave of the Covid-19, that hopefully we will shortly overcome, we should start thinking on what our lives could be from now on. We all agree that nothing will be the same again, however, the great challenge is to make the future even better than the past.

We are still on a learning path. We cannot say that we have learned the lesson, otherwise there would not be a post-Christmas bounce, but we are on the way. We did change our habits and we realized that working remotely and being connected to the internet could improve our work, regarding its quantity and its quality, and above all, we put light on the assets of our country now that mobility is perceived not only as an inconvenience but also as a risk.

Moreover, we realized how Andorra had the chance to conjugate already known advantages as the pureness of our natural environment with the good management of the sanitary crisis, especially on a preventive level, which stimulated an increase of interest for our country as a place to relocate, to invest or simply to benefit from it with the guarantee to breathe pure air.

The portal Idealista published statistics of the real estate market in Andorra generating twice the visits and interest in 2020 than in 2019. Forbes Magazine praised the management of the sanitary crisis regretting that the United States did not take note of it. Le Figaro Magazine dedicated a fantastic article: “La Face Cachée d’Andorre”. Bloomberg recommends Andorra as one of the 24 territories to visit in 2021 in a Covid-19 context. What a curiosity that, when the world staggers, as much as our economy, where snow tourism, restoration, businesses and so many others haven’t suffered like that for decades, Andorra can have found an invaluable and different feature for the future.

Weeks ago, we mentioned the opportunity to become the “Garden-State” of Europe. Why not? Bloomberg makes it clear: we have it all! Indeed, without mentioning it explicitly, in its description of the journey that brings you to explore Andorra from one end to the other within a few days, by taking advantage of the best mountain areas, culture and gastronomy, it describes the future “temporal resident” in the Swiss style, the one that immerses itself completely in the differential values of our land.

All of those who have the responsibility to design the strategy to face the next years with solvency, as the Plan of Action “Horizon 23”, loaded with good intentions and perfectly aligned with the new approach of country, also have to reorientate our businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals to a new approach of our economy based on the authenticity of the incomparable values and advantages of Andorra. In particular by creating an offer that gives a hand to the world’s citizens that look for a new ecosystem where to live in a safe and healthy environment, where the main luxuries are pure air, social peace and the fair and essential requirements to guarantee the coexistence and a perfect balance in rights and obligations between citizen and State.

Yes, undoubtedly, “making a virtue out of necessity”, Andorra is and will be the great solution for many of us in the post-covid era: for those from the country, who must reconvert and reorientate their operating activity, to those who come from abroad, seeking to take advantage of the splendid life style offered by our country.

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