Andorra: luxury and excellence

Andorra: luxury and excellence

In this new international context, clearly marked by the individual and collective reactions of the States to the Covid-19 effects, Andorra tries to straighten out its economic development strategy based on the “differential fact” and the new trends of the market.

The commitment to sustainability in such incomparable natural environment which has the purest air in Southern Europe, marks the way for the country’s new promotional strategy. Precisely in these times of confinement, collective support and limitations of mobility, the citizens of Andorra have been able to see more than ever the beauty and uniqueness of our territory and, almost unintentionally, have become even better ambassadors than we could have been in the past.

Therefore, Andorra presents itself as the perfect ecosystem to live in peace, in harmony, in balance between body, soul and mind, in mindfulness, and as a consequence, it attracts a differential tourism which values more than ever an offer based on the excellence of the environment and the services that accompany it.

The new image projected by Andorra has precisely attracted the attention of different sectors, such as healthcare, sports, technology, tourism, trade and luxury. The latter, perhaps the least obvious a priori, seems to have also come to stay. In fact, the new phenomenon of luxury is causing the emergence of new public-private initiatives aimed at enhancing a new range of high-end products and services in combination with the magnificent snow and mountain infrastructures, and together can help to make more visible then ever all that this small but great country is capable of.

Of course, a commitment to luxury and excellence represents a very important challenge, especially due to the need to adapt facilities, infrastructures and staff to the demands of this new offer. The reflection of employers and owners in this regard is beginning to be latent, as well as the growing need to optimize the training of our workers so that they can live up to what new consumers will demand, not to mention improvements in land and air communications, an issue present on all agendas of economic authorities and agents.

An offer turned towards luxury will require a strong investment in new facilities and infrastructures, and the ability of the country’s economic agents to seduce large international groups, will be of paramount importance. Anyway, what group will be able to resist this great product called Andorra!

However, the greatest and most motivating opportunity comes from the process of adapting people to this great change that is slowly taking shape. Excellence in service requires the best training and there is a lot of work to be done here. Trainers and educators on one side, employers and workers on the other. A great effort that will lead to a great reward, the full satisfaction of each other and above all, the improvement of physical and emotional well-being.

In short, if enjoying Andorra is a “luxury” and if the commitment to excellence culminates a process of improvement for the benefit of all, we can only try hard, persevere and with a little imagination, explain it well to the world. Soon enough, the results will come!

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