The Andorran Real Estate soul

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Human beings are not only bodies but also souls. This fact is as true as the fact that not always material or tangible things are those that motivate us, but rather the more human, more spiritual or more social we are. And we are carried by altruism, generosity, understanding, kindness and so many other virtues that make us much greater than what we apparently seem.

It is clear that, beyond the physical or intellectual effort, we add some soul to our projects, we will generate a result of unexpectedly positive dimensions.

Our Home, that vital space that daily welcomes us all: grandparents, parents, children, brothers, friends or pets, becomes a determining factor when it comes to taking some of the most important decisions in our lives and therefore deserves all our attention, but also that of those who can guide or accompany us in this important process.

Both in Andorra and in the nearest territories, recent years have shown a growing social concern for the increase of rental prices, probably higher than the purchasing power of citizens who have not yet effectively received the real benefit of an announced economic recovery. Increase in demand and the lack of supply, makes citizens worried for something as sacred as the “home factor”. Such a situation requires a reaction and the Andorran authorities have launched a legislative reform to stimulate the construction of new houses for rent and the incorporation into the market of those that are currently empty, with aids and facilities in some cases and additional taxes in others always thinking in helping people to find a home to rent.

However, Andorra also faces a great challenge: the good use of the percentage of compulsory transfer of urban plans, which in most cases reaches 15% of the value of the building area, which is destined to justified social purposes. Here is the real estate soul of the public sector: the launch with these resources of social housing construction projects that can be a fundamental aid for those citizens who need it most, especially young people who start their lives and those not so young whose situation justifies this help.

Andorra, accomplishes a great task in this regard, and as it has been doing for years, important aids are granted to deal with the rental expenses of those who most need it. Just this year (2018), especially complicated by the upward correction of the rental market, 906 grants were provided by the Government of Andorra, which demonstrates the commitment, sensitivity and the soul of the public sector when it comes to face the demand of the ones who need it the most.

In a country like Andorra, open and eager in foreign investment, this soul, this additional effort, generous and altruistic, becomes equally important when it comes to the protection of the interest of those who are considering coming to live in our country attracted by its obvious virtues. We are all making a great effort to treat those who choose to become citizens of Andorra as they deserve, whether it is to carry out an activity or simply to live here. Whether the public organisms or institutions of the private sector, I would like to sincerely praise the work of some close collaborators of the real estate sector that, beyond the material interest, dedicate their efforts to provide a human approach to those wishing to settle in our country, showing generosity that is priceless, deepening their yearnings, concerns, feelings, projects. I can thus realize the true dimension of the real estate soul of this country: our Andorra.

This one is for them: to these great Ambassadors of Andorra, because not always the immediate results provide the greatest satisfaction and success. Because putting soul in what they do makes them enter into a human dimension that generates good and long-lasting feelings. Through their example, they convert such a beloved country into an impressive country that needs us all without exception.

Andorra: a country with soul, that becomes the differential value that makes others consider the best choice to settle their Home.

Pere Augé

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