Portrait of Vanessa Villén, lawyer

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– What is your professional career?

After graduating and obtaining a professional experience in Barcelona, ​​up to the present, I continued the training in Andorran laws and tax. Once I moved to Andorra, I started working at Augé Legal & Fiscal and I have grown day by day as a professional in this company.


– Can you define your job in a few words?

Ability to find solutions of a wider variety of issues.

– What do you like the most in your job?

The opportunity to meeting the challenges every day, because each client has a special situation and none are equal, consequently each client requires a thorough study of the case, it´s a reason why I have to learn every day.

– What would be the best 3 advices you would give to someone that plans to immigrate to Andorra?

Patience, since all bureaucratic procedures are difficult and costly, nevertheless the result is very worthwhile.

Motivation, since Andorra helps those entrepreneurs who want to bring their business to the country.

Curiosity, since the country has various places to discover.

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