New needs in the Andorran market

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The recent economic openness has become one of the great challenges in Andorra. The competitiveness of the new tax regulation with a 100% liberalization of foreign investment in all the sectors has generated an offer that contributed to the arrival of a multiplicity of new investors which have set up their business or professional activities in the country.

Obviously, for the development of their activities, these new investors need a level of infrastructures and services that any other country could offer in similar circumstances. In this sense, it is clear that the country has to adapt to these new needs, like providing a location with appropriate facilities for launching the new business in our country.

Precisely, thinking of this need, the initiative of Smart Executive Centers has emerged. Its main objective is to supply a new space that corresponds to the business center model that exists in many other countries and that is also needed in this new Andorra.

Moreover, it must be emphasized on the fact that these offices are perfectly adapted to the current legal requirements and allow the obtention of the required administrative authorizations, which grants meaning and consistency to said offices.

It is therefore time to analyze whether any of these available spaces could be useful both for companies that have been provisionally incorporated in other locations because of the lack of adequate facilities, and for entrepreneurs, CEOs or professionals that have been attracted by the many advantages offered by Andorra and have decided to launch an activity which the need of a professional space in line with their expectations.

We encourage those potentially interested to discover this new and unique space in Andorra, a business center, with individual offices, common meeting rooms, leisure areas and many additional services.

The new Andorra continues to evolve and Smart Executive Centers is a good example.

Download our brochure and discover our Business Center !

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