The importance of protecting our office from cyber attacks

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Since the first use of the term “hackers”, which has a history of more than 40 years, it has been related to the phenomenon of computer crime. But, far from the reality, a “hacker” is the neologism used to refer to any professional who excels in its profession, being an expert in a technical field related to computing or transcending beyond these borders. In any case, the current society is vulnerable and is unprotected from possible interferences by those who, called “hackers” or not, dominate the technological era.

In the business world, the consequences of a computer attack can put at risk the integrity of the information, when this is their fundamental pillar. Implementing strategies for protection and monitoring the use of information that mitigate the risk of computer attacks is basic and necessary to manage the security of a company that inevitably depends on the exchange of information.

The existing literature on types of attacks and preventions is very broad. Attacks arise in parallel with information technologies, taking advantage of system vulnerabilities. According to this, the cyber defense of companies should be directed to reinforce security measures that emerge from the knowledge of the weak points. Electronic mail, electronic commerce, social networks and file exchanges are just some of the services of the information society whose use must be controlled. For example: do not download attachments from unknown addresses, periodically change personal passwords, avoid using USB accessories from unknown sources, validate the parties in a telephone conversation, do not use public and free Wi-Fi networks, etc.

Even so, absolute security cannot be attained since it is materially and economically impossible to eliminate all the risks to which we are subject. However, it is necessary that -as far as possible- we ask ourselves if we really know the importance of the information we are dealing with, if we are aware of how an information leak in our company can affect us, if we could approximate the cost that recovering all the data would represent for the company and, just after that, questioning if we are really doing everything possible to mitigate a cyber-attack.

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