The British College of Andorra Starts its classes in September at La Comella.

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The proposal of the school regarding the English teaching won the contest organized by the municipality of Andorra la Vella for the concession of the property where the project will be implemented; the work of the British College of Andorra will begin soon.

The decision means that the British school will open its doors next September to accommodate a hundred students from three to eleven years. The initial estimated cost to carry out the works is between 300,000 and 400,000 euros. The hostel is sold for an initial period of 15 years, which can be extended for another 10 years.
Rafael Valverde is at the heart of the project, he is a Spanish national with great experience in promoting and managing British colleges in the neighboring country. In British College Overseas, Valverde has collaborated with two Andorran partners. The project rules out the possibility of welcoming students internally.

Valverde is very optimistic “because we have been talking to many people who want to take their children to a center where English is a dominant language and we realize that this is a need that the country has had for a long time and that now seems to become a reality “. The center is designed so that the first year is open to almost all students, without paying much attention to the knowledge of the language. The aim is that the first return in September should focus on language immersion, because in the following years, the level of English would be sufficient to avoid possible problems.

The ultimate goal is to be able to welcome 3-year-olds and keep them until they enter university. The model is based, according to Valverde, on the implementation of new technologies in education, but always following the educational program of the British Council, that is the body regulating education in Britain. Teachers will be native and classes will have interactive whiteboards and iPads for students.

Valverde hopes that the school will have the same success as in Gavà, inaugurated in 2015. In this example, teaching has also begun with about 100 students and, two years later, there are over 300 students and classes are reduced to about twenty students to give a more personalized attention to each one. The monthly price is around € 900 and includes meals and equipment.

The opening of this British school is an educational asset for the municipality and for the whole country.

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