The area of civil law is one of the pillars of the Legal Department at Augé L&F. We help our clients in and out of court, offering everything from quality extrajudicial counsel to a top-quality legal defence before the court.

We draft all kinds of contracts and agreements in all of the main areas that comprise civil law, including urban leases, estates and inheritances, family rights and claims for payment, which allow our clients to pursue their interests and defend their rights.

We appeal sentences and rulings that go against our clients’ interests to every level of Andorra’s legal system, all the way up to its Constitutional Court, if we believe that a basic right guaranteed by the Constitution of the Principality of Andorra has been violated.

Personal law – Family and marriage law – Property law – Law of obligations – Inheritance law

Change your fiscal residence and optimize your wealth management.

Protect your inventions and brands.

Relocate to live in Andorra.

We consider our services to be synonymous with solutions