Our Legal Department has extensive experience when it comes to advising both national and international companies that want to start operations in the Principality of Andorra.

With over two decades of experience to our name, we are familiar with all corporate actions, such as company incorporations, with and without foreign investments, legal framework of companies, counselling decision-making bodies, drafting charters, partnership agreements, split-ups and liquidations or bankruptcy.

Our professionals have received extensive training on the new economic openness of Andorra so they can propose and structure foreign investments, both when it comes to incorporating a company and to purchasing real estate or financial products, all so our clients can comply with all of the requirements imposed by the Government of Andorra, while at the same time satisfying the necessary conditions for being granted residency permits and to incorporate a company in Andorra.

Our services:

  • Incorporation of companies
  • Writing of ordinary and extraordinary shareholder meeting minutes
  • Writing of ordinary and extraordinary shareholder meeting certificates
  • Sale and purchase of company shares
  • Changes to statutes and to the company’s management structure
  • Writing of commercial contracts between national and/or international companies
  • Creation of national and international holding companies

Example: A Spanish individual wishes to become a resident of the Principality of Andorra by creating a company in Andorra. This requires filing the necessary paperwork with the Government of Andorra, satisfying the government and banking requirements, drafting a corporate charter and incorporating the company before a notary, not to mention the arduous process of opening a bank account for the company. These steps culminate with the granting of a business licence and opening the company in the parish where it will operate.

Change your fiscal residence and optimize your wealth management.

Protect your inventions and brands.

Relocate to live in Andorra.

We consider our services to be synonymous with solutions