In order to open a company in Andorra and enjoy the benefits that entails, said company must have an account open in a financial institution in the Principality of Andorra.

We can help with this process, including filling out the KYC, W8 (banking compliance) forms at any of the banks that operate in the country.

We request and prepare all of the documents needed to open a banking account, as per the applicable laws.

Our professionals have received extensive training on the new economic openness of Andorra so they can propose and structure foreign investments, both when it comes to incorporating a company and to purchasing real estate or financial products, all so our clients can comply with all of the requirements imposed by the Government of Andorra, while at the same time satisfying the necessary conditions for being granted residency permits and to incorporate a company in Andorra.


One of the most important steps when setting up an individual or legal entity in the Principality of Andorra is to ensure that it complies with the requirements specified by the Government of Andorra and by Andorra’s Financial Intelligence Unit, or by the financial institutions in the country charged with opening the bank accounts through which said future residents will be able to operate.

Augé Legal & Fiscal specialises in advising its clients when it comes to providing all of the legal assurances needed for both public and private compliance processes. We do so through scrupulous adherence to the law and to applicable regulations, establishing suitable and sufficient policies and procedures to ensure that a company, including its executives, employees and tied agents, comply with the applicable regulatory framework.

Our lawyers who oversee compliance processes work in a centralised fashion, thus offering additional legal assurances that allow our clients to complete the slow and complex bureaucratic processes so they can reach their goals as quickly as possible.


Requesting the nullity of contracts involving preferred shares in banking companies.

The significant role of the banking sector in the Principality of Andorra has resulted in a large increase in the number of conflict of interest cases between individuals and banks in recent years.

This has driven the professionals at Augé L&F to become trained on handling banking conflicts, both in court and out of court, as part of the banking services offered so that they can provide their clients fast and specific solutions to their problems.

We have multilingual professionals who can provide banking advice in Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Russian and Chinese on topics as varied and routine as negotiations, filling in bank forms to open an account and advising companies during the incorporation phase so they can satisfy the often changing requirements imposed by financial institutions depending on the company’s geographic area of operation and business purpose, among other reasons.

Also worth noting is our in-depth knowledge of the financial sector and our experience in providing advice to set up financial professionals and entities of all kinds in Andorra, from freelance financial agents to wealth managers and banking institutions.

Change your fiscal residence and optimize your wealth management.

Protect your inventions and brands.

Relocate to live in Andorra.

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