A passion for the law forms the foundation of the Legal Department at Augé Legal & Fiscal, whose professionals are able to offer a wide range of legal services, whether in-court or out-of-court, through their involvement in cases in front of the Batllia.

The ability to rely on top quality counsel in matters involving taxes, immigration, intellectual property and the incorporation of national companies or through foreign investments allows our clients to enjoy a comprehensive solution to their problems and future projects within the framework offered by the Principality of Andorra. We also have professionals who are able to represent the interests of individuals and companies abroad pursuant to international laws.

Through its professionals, Augé Legal & Fiscal guides its clients through the entire process of proposing, setting up and maintaining a personal, family or corporate project in the Principality of Andorra, providing the maximum legal protection.

The Legal Department at Augé Legal & Fiscal is staffed by trained professionals with extensive experience in the different areas of law who can guarantee a vigorous defence of our clients’ interests. We have over 30 years of experience providing services to our clients, but we remain as restless as ever, constantly training our professionals so they can be at the forefront of the law.

The main areas of law where auge legal & fiscal professionals work are:


Our Legal Department has extensive experience when it comes to advising both national and international companies that want to start operations in the…


In order to open a company in Andorra and enjoy the benefits that entails, said company must have an account open in a financial institution in the Principality of Andorra.


El trato con la administración y la resolución de las necesidades que nuestros clientes puedan tener como administrados, configura una prioridad para el Departamento Legal…


The area of civil law is one of the pillars of the Legal Department at Augé L&F. We help our clients in and out of court, offering everything from quality extrajudicial counsel to a top-quality legal defence before the court.


In the area of criminal Law, the professionals at Augé L&F are fully qualified to take part in proceedings undertaken by the crime and offences commission of the Principality of Andorra, whether in defence or as the…


Augé Legal & Fiscal has lawyers who specialise in handling real estate affairs. We advise on the promotion of city development plans and design legal structures for the purchase, sale, investment and management of real estate…

The modernisation of our country in recent years, and especially its international standardisation process, has given rise to important changes in the areas of finance, business and taxation, the legal framework for which has been changed to adapt to the challenges and needs facing the country, its residents and the future investors who are drawn here every day by the obvious advantages that Andorra offers, primarily its highly competitive tax structure, a strategic location, an unrivalled natural setting and unique public safety. As a result, our country has become a magnet for individuals and companies who see it as the best option to settle down and operate effectively in a context of maximum legal protection.

The application of a regulation as relevant as Law 11/2015 of 16 July, which amends the Law on International Cooperation in Criminal Matters and Prevention of the Laundering of Money or Securities Constituting the Proceeds of International Crime and against the Financing of Terrorism, of 29 December 2000, the bilateral information exchange agreements with a multitude of countries and the European Union, and multilateral agreements with the OECD, agreements to avoid dual taxation signed with neighbouring countries like Spain and France, as well as with Portugal, Luxembourg, Malta, Liechtenstein and the United Arab Emirates, as well as others being negotiated, are essential steps for the growth, competitiveness, standardisation and legal security of Andorra.

As a result, it is our duty to provide comprehensive counsel to our clients and to be resolutely committed to their needs. We innovate every day and train our professionals to adapt to the challenges of a changing regulatory system in an effort to provide a service based on excellence and rigour.

The Legal Department at Augé Legal & Fiscal is staffed by trained professionals with extensive experience in the different areas of law who can guarantee a vigorous defence of our clients’ interests.

We have the main tools needed to advise and defend our clients, and the know-how and experience to do so, encompassing every legal facet that may affect both individuals and businesses alike.

Change your fiscal residence and optimize your wealth management.

Protect your inventions and brands.

Relocate to live in Andorra.

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