A patent confers a monopoly to its holder on the invention covered by said patent for a period of 20 years.

The new legal framework on Andorran patents is part of the process of Andorra’s economic openness and international standardisation.

This new tool that is available to innovative companies can be used to protect our clients’ inventions in the Principality, be they individuals or legal entities.

A patent holder must pay an annual fee to the patent office to keep a patent valid. In the case of an Andorran patent, these annual fees are much lower than in most countries, thus providing an incentive for innovative companies to protect their inventions.

Augé Legal & Fiscal offers the following patent services:

  • Strategy and coordination to request patents in Andorra and abroad
  • Evaluation of patent rights (”Patent Box”)
  • Checks of patent registry (monitoring of competitors)
  • Andorran patent requests (in French, English, Catalan or Spanish, with translation of claims in Catalan)
  • Transfer and assignment of patent licences and technology transfers
  • Granting of patent pledge
  • Limitation of scope of protection for an Andorran patent
  • Declaration of non-infringement
  • Customs holds
  • Legal action due to patent infringement or patent invalidation
  • Alternate means of resolving conflicts: arbitration / mediation

In addition, Augé Legal & Fiscal offers complementary translation services (Catalan, Spanish, French, English, Russian, Portuguese, Italian and German)

Example: A machine patented in France and Spain can be freely imported into and sold/marketed in Andorra, as long as said machine is not protected by an Andorran patent.

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