The protection of copyright and related rights is covered by Andorran law for literary and artistic works (Law of 10 June 1999).

The notion of a “work” protected by copyright extends to every literary or artistic work defined by Articles 2.1 and 3.1 of the Copyright Law.

Copyrights apply for the life of the author plus an additional seventy years (Art. 18 of the Copyright Law).

Augé Legal & Fiscal offers the following services to its clients, be they individuals or legal entities:

  • Strategy and coordination to protect copyrights
  • Processes involving the Association for the Collective Oversight of Copyrights and Related Rights in the Principality of Andorra
  • Assessment of copyrights
  • Customs holds
  • Legal action due to copyright infringement
  • Alternate means of resolving conflicts: arbitration / mediation

Example: A company operating in the European Union has a copyright on one of its products. It can create an Andorran company devoted to managing this intangible right by paying a 2% tax on the worldwide royalties received by said Andorran company.

Propiedad Intelectual

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