A registered trademark is a key asset for any company, as it allows it to create a lasting relationship with its clientele and distinguish itself from its competitors.

The 8 million tourists who visit Andorra each year fully justify the effort made to protect your brand in the Principality.

The trademark department at Augé Legal & Fiscal has registered brands on behalf of its clients for over 20 years. The process of registering a trademark in Andorra takes only a few days and gives the holder a renewable ten-year monopoly.

An Andorran trademark requires a specific registration, since the territory is not covered under a European Union trademark and it cannot be assigned with an international request.

The specialists at Augé Legal & Fiscal offer the following services involving trademarks:

  • Strategy and coordination to request trademarks in Andorra or abroad
  • Checks of trademark registry before requesting an Andorran trademark or checks on competitors (monitoring)
  • Assessment of trademark rights
  • Request for Andorran trademark
  • Transfer, assignment of trademark licences
  • Granting of trademark pledge
  • Customs holds
  • Legal action due to trademark infringement or trademark invalidation
  • Alternate means of resolving conflicts: arbitration / mediation

Example: An Andorran trademark, considered a component of a company’s assets, may be used as a pledge associated with a guarantee given to an Andorran bank that provides a loan to the company that holds said Andorran trademark.


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