The Principality of Andorra has its own Country Code Top-Level Domain, meaning that an “.ad” domain can be protected if it meets certain criteria specific to the Principality.

Companies that register an “.ad” domain indisputably enhance their identity in Andorra and their visibility in the Andorran market.

An “.ad” domain registration lasts two years and is renewable. The registration and renewal costs are very reasonable. As a result, this tool should be used to improve and/or consolidate a company’s digital presence in Andorra.

Our team will handle the following tasks:

  • Strategy and coordination to request “.ad” domains in Andorra and abroad
  • Evaluation of domain names
  • Checks of domain name registry (monitoring of competitors)
  • Request and renewal of domain names
  • Transfer, assignment of domain name licences
  • Granting of domain name pledges
  • Changes to the name and/or address of a domain name holder

Example: it could be advantageous for a real estate agency that operates in the Principality of Andorra to register an Andorran trademark and an “.ad” domain name to protect its business in Andorra and be seen as a player in the local market.

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