Augé Legal & Fiscal has defended its clients’ Intellectual Property interests since 1996, both as concerns the registration and defence of IP, through the process becoming one of the leading companies in this field.

We have also developed a legal framework involving State signs and “ad” domains that is specific to Andorra (Regulation of 20 September 2000).

The country’s economic openness and the new internationally standardised tax framework have created opportunities for Andorran companies that manage intangible assets and, in particular, intellectual property. In addition, the registration and use of an Andorran brand and/or patent contributes, along with other legal criteria, to giving substance to the activity of an Andorran company.

Our counsel covers the broadest range of services in the area of intellectual property. We work with a wide network of intellectual property agents all over the world, the legal department of small and medium enterprises, and of multinationals. We also work for private individuals.

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The Intellectual Property Department was created following the adoption of the legal framework for trademarks in 1995 (Law of 11 May 1995 and Regulation of 28 December 2015). Mr Pere Augé was one of the first executives to be certified by the Trademark and Patent Office of the Principality of Andorra (OMPA). In 2015 (Law 26/2014 of 30 October and Regulation of 22 July 2015), Augé Legal & Fiscal expanded its range of services to include patent registration and litigation following the adoption of the law and regulation on Andorran patents. This specialty also allows us to represent the interests of clients involving copyrights and related rights (Law of 10 June 1999), in particular through the public-law entity for the collective management of these rights.

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