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Augé Legal & Fiscal is a leader in Andorra in the area of immigration. We put all of our experience to work for the client and provide advice to find the best residency status depending on the client’s, and his family’s, personal, professional, corporate and tax situation.

Augé Legal & Fiscal also has a client follow-up and loyalty programme that is used to address any needs that arise when moving into a new country.

At Augé Legal & Fiscal we evaluate the possibilities for implementing a given financial activity in our country based on the laws relating to customs, trade, taxes and foreign investments.

We also resolve any personal or corporate real estate needs through our real estate specialists.


Residence with work permit has a stronger bond to making an active contribution to the country. Permit holders agree to pay into social security and to have their permanent residence in Andorra.

Exceptionally, there is also a non-residence work permit intended for cross-border workers or for workers who are stationed abroad.


The current legal framework for immigration details what was until a few years ago called passive residence, which is now referred to as a residence without work permit. These permits differ based on the type of path to residency: through an investment in the country (equivalent to the old passive residency), through an eminently international activity or as an expert in a field of science, culture or sport.

The new immigration framework in Andorra

As part of the process of opening Andorra’s economy to the outside, an immigration law was passed in 2012 to address the new and varied realities of foreigners who wanted to reside in Andorra (Legislative Decree of 26-03-2014 which approves the revised text of Law 9/2012 of 31 May, which amended the Immigration Law).

The Immigration Law defines two large groups of residents, those with a work permit and those without a work permit. Inside each group there are different types of residency statuses depending on their relationship with Andorra’s economy and labour structures.

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