“¿Cuáles son los derechos de un residente extranjero que compra bienes inmuebles en Andorra sin cambiar de residencia? “

Posted by Augé legal fiscal

Your question: “What are the rights of a foreign resident who buys real estate in Andorra without changing residence? ”

Our answer :
“The possession of property in Andorra by a non-resident grants them the right to stay there (not an obligation). He could stay there all year if necessary, however, his tax residence could be requalified.

The property can be rented, in this way this operation enables the right to open an Andorran account. Taxation of non-residents is 10% on the 80% of the gross income received. Then it is necessary to make a declaration the country of residence which will apply its own tax rate. However, in most cases the residency country gives the right to a deduction for taxes paid abroad. Just check if the country in question follows this rule. “

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