The ability of seduction of Andorran entrepreneurship.

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Last March 15, the CEA Awards Gala was held, a fair recognition to our business community, which year after year proves to be the backbone of the Andorran economy, which seems to have entered a process of growth. The opening of businesses, the sale of vehicles, imports and exports, the number of tourists, hotel occupancy and the real estate and construction sectors are also activated. The forecasts are that the GDP of 2017 will grow around 2’2%, a 0’3% more than in 2016 when the grow was of 1.9%.

Foreign investment is consolidated and the next few years will have much to do with the future project of the new Casino, which does not reach Andorra by chance. Some brilliant Andorran entrepreneurs, acting as ambassadors of the country, have been able to attract the attention of new prestigious international groups, many of them willing to associate with Andorran entrepreneurs and owners, and in the absence of knowing the winner of the public tender, we know that it will suppose between 16 and 140 million euros of investment, and between 100 and 300 new jobs, depending on the winning proposal. Obviously, there will be a positive economic impact in the coming years, both for investment, as well as for the reactivation of services, the increase in tourism and associated to consumption. Thus, the strategy has worked and we have been able to be attractive to foreign investment, generating a project with expectations and knowing how to identify, and then, to convince the right interlocutors/ investors. After the experience of the casino contest, who can deny that our entrepreneurs have an important capacity for seduction?

Another example of a public competition is the new British College of Andorra, recently declared as the winner of the competition convened by the City Council of Andorra la Vella and which has come to respond to the growing demand for an English educational system, at the service of current citizens, to a lot of recent arrival from abroad, and future residents, who can arrive thanks to the existence of this educational offer. Once again, Andorran entrepreneurs/ investors, acting as economic and entrepreneur ambassadors, identifying international recipients of the sector, convincing/seducing them and voilà, we have a new project in progress.

These are just two examples that are today visibles, but there are many more. Much of the good figures displayed by our country have much to do with the effort of Andorran businessmen, many of them from anonymity, daily life and sacrifice, overcoming time and difficult circumstances, overcoming and reaching new challenges.

Precisely, since this effort deserves recognition, the Andorran Business Confederation has promoted the CEA Awards, which on March 15 celebrated the second Gala, in which some of those who for one reason or another deserved to be recognized were awarded, either for the business career, for the contribution to sustainability, for the international projection, to shine with its project of entrepreneurship or innovation, for having contributed to the international promotion of the country or for a whole set of reasons that make it special to that distinguished businessman, but above all, let me highlight the award to the company that has contributed the most to the inclusion of the disabled people, because they deserve all our attention and understanding, and are also part of a diverse and plural society that must integrate all its members without exception.

Andorrans are becoming more visible in the world and this should be seized to seduce at all levels, whether to seek talent, investors or tourists, or to show our best virtues in fields such as sustainability, inclusion and non-discrimination for gender reason. Businessmen/ businesswomen, male or female workers, citizens, etc. we seduce the world all together. Who will resist to this seduction?

Pere Augé

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