Why Andorra and why Augé Grup

The recent changes in the fiscal and immigration framework and the new model of economic openness proven by the OECD in general conclude the process of accomplishment of the required conditions that will convert Andorra in an important international business centre in the near future.

The attraction of Andorra not only resides in the advantages of the new fiscal framework which is very competitive on an international level. Its utmost open economic conditions along with the liberalization of foreign investments offer investors a wide range of opportunities on personal and business levels.


Life in

One of the 5 countries with the highest life expectancy in the world.

The best healthcare system.

Unique and exceptional leisure and wellness infrastructures.

Fresh air, sunny landscape, mountain views.

Three free scholar systems to choose from (Catalan, Spanish or French), extracurricular activities.

Easy learning in 3 languages (Catalan, Spanish and French).

Localization between Spain and France.

Excellent telecommunications.

The second country in the world with the lowest criminality rate.

Solid banking system and advantageous tax system

2% to 10% rate on corporate profits.

No tax on dividends.

SICAV: between 0.75% and 1%.

Tribulation of personal income tax between 0% and 10%.

Inexistence of wealth tax, donations, heredity and property tax.

V.A.T. between 1% and 4.5%.

First level solvency and bank liquidity.

Economic and touristic

Over 8 million visitors per year in a less than 80-thousand inhabitants’ state.

Equipped with numerous shops, skiing areas, sportive and recreational installations, high level thermal centres.

High level of life (GDP per capita €34,974 in 2014).

Minimum monthly salary: € 1017,47.

Average salary: €2023.

Flexible and least interventionist position, attractive for the DFI.

Technologically advanced country with optical fibre covering 100% of its territory.

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