Pere Augé, a lawyer, tax advisor and patent and trademark agent, has for three decades successfully led a law firm primarily involved in legal and tax matters, but with two additional unique specialties: intellectual property, through its leadership in the registration and legal counsel on patents and trademarks, consulting and handling immigration and relocation services, in which the firm’s staff is now an indisputable leader in the country.

Committed defender of a new and competitive financial and tax model based on standardisation with Europe, the deregulation of foreign investments and an appealing tax regime, he has consolidated an experienced team of professionals dedicated to providing services both to individuals and companies already present in the Principality, and to new residents and investment initiatives, drawn by all of the unquestionable advantages offered by Andorra and that require the most complete services in order to successfully materialise their new projects.

Aware of the growing affluence of people interested in Andorra, and of their cultural diversity and need to adapt, his team has expanded the comprehensive service concept by incorporating a support protocol that allows the country’s new citizens to fully integrate at every level.

Pere Augé is a member of the Col·legi d’Advocats d’Andorra (Andorra Bar Association), the Associació d’Assessors Fiscals d’Andorra (Andorra Association of Tax Advisors) and the Associació de Mandataris Acreditats del Principat d’Andorra (Association of Certified Agents of the Principality of Andorra) (Patents & Trademarks). He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Andorran Business Confederation (CEA), where he chairs the commissions on International and Institutional Relations and on the Andorra Brand and Communication. He is a regular contributor to the digital newspaper ARA.AD and every two weeks he takes part in an economy show on Andorran National Radio. Finally, he is a regular speaker at events primarily intended to promote Andorra’s new economic and fiscal model abroad.


At Augé Legal & Fiscal, clients are the unmistakable protagonists and the main beneficiaries of all the firm’s efforts and dedication. This translates to prompt and effective responses to any questions asked. We therefore consider our services to be synonymous with solutions. Values such as trust, the ability to work hard, confidentiality, service quality and involvement are features which are present along every step we take to find solutions for our clients, not to mention the unequivocal desire to support them and integrate them into our country.

We consider our services to be synonymous with solutions