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Posted by Lluís Serra

Andorra has been debating these days about the future of the country. Among the aspects of first importance, we want to focus on young people and on attracting talent. The negotiation of an association agreement with the European Union will undoubtedly represent the opportunity for our youth to access the European Single Market. The following topics have also been discussed:

the need and opportunity to enhance University studies and improve the country’s offer in this area, the will to help entrepreneurship through the creation of public-private funds, the need to create new opportunities so that Andorran talent does not remain abroad and can return to the country, attracted by projects that are at the level of one’s educational background and training.

The projects of the new Andorra Brand have also taken into account the attraction of talent and investment to enhance it. The initial projects to be launched plan, for example, on implementing a campus for international students and on setting up scholarships clearly focused on attracting talent. An ambitious project is also promoted to re-adapt the areas traditionally destined to tourism and, in particular, the hotel industry, so that new environments can be created to accommodate talented youth seeking the perfect ecosystem to develop their projects. It also proposes the creation of applications to promote these initiatives on-line, or the organization of events and the participation in congresses aligned with the main idea of ​​attracting talent to be incubated and financing to implement these projects.

The ecosystem is perfect and it has been helped by the redefinition of the Andorra Brand, high lighting the virtues of this small big country. Andorra, characterized by the central idea of balance, has a conscious and sustainable economy, intelligent (smart) and efficient; with a mountain “ADN” sensitized to the preservation of the environment but at the same time in tune with technological progress; where one can live in perfect harmony (body, mind and soul) and enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle, which is inspiring and welcoming talented and enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

The Nation Branding strategy that is now being launched will provide greater world-wide visibility and attractiveness that will allow to “channel” talent and provide the tools to convert an idea, an invention, a technological innovation into an economically viable reality that is suitable for the market and, of course, with the best welcoming and life conditions for the entrepreneur.

Undoubtedly, public stimulation and private involvement will have to set out a strategy that will convert us, as we wish, into an international reference regarding the promotion of entrepreneurship and talent. It is clear that future incubators and start-up accelerators will need professional management and few administrative obstacles, but also specialized investment funds, “venture capital” that financially support the projects that are generated. Andorra is attractive for everyone: for those who develop innovation, those that help manage and promote it and for the investors who, through financing / participation in these projects, will be in optimal conditions not only from a Tax perspective, but also (as they are starting to become aware) from a point of view of safety and quality of life for them and their families.

Private initiative has begun to gain momentum and we know that there are ideas being developed. They will soon be explained, but part of their future success will depend on the help and support from the public institutions, who are getting prepared for this new challenge. For these reasons, I have no doubt that Andorra will become the cradle of talent, where start-ups will find the perfect ecosystem, where our youth will be able to return to the country and find opportunities in line with their studies and experience, where collaboration, honest and pro-active stimulation from the public and private sectors will allow us to incubate talent and project it towards the future for the benefit of everyone.

If you are talented and have an innovative project, Andorra is your place to incubate and internationalize it!


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