Portrait of Albert Barroso, a Senior consultant in the Tax Department of Auge Legal & Fiscal

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– What is your professional career?
I have been a consultant in the Augé Legal & Fiscal company since January 2014. Before, I had worked as internal auditor in an international group.

– Can you define your job in a few words?
My main role is to be one of the visible faces of our firm in front of the different international clients with doubts about setting-up of companies, residences and Andorran taxation. My goal is to clarify the roadmap of a potential client adapted to his project to relocate activity and / or residence to Andorra.

– What do you like the most in your job?
I like to be punctual, prudent, demanding. In short, a professional “like Swiss “.
I feel satisfied when a client leaves our meetings with clearer ideas than some minutes before.
I have a passion to continue learning every day, in my job and in other disciplines.

– What would be the best 3 advice you would give to someone that plans to immigrate to Andorra?

1. Adapt your project to the reality of your everyday life. The more naturally you develop a project, the easier it is to get a good adaptation to the new country.
2. The establishment of International structures requires an expert knowledge in the jurisdictions involved.
Ask a professional of your country for advice on changing your tax residence to minimize the uncertainty.
3. Be diligent in responding to the requests of the Andorran institutions, with the aim of presenting a complete dossier, both for the creation of a society and residence.



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